Boost Your Site's Crawl Rate With These Simple Steps

It's possible to impact the frequency with which search engines crawl your website by boosting the crawl rate. There are no set in stone times for a website to be crawled and it could take only a matter of hours or several weeks. If your site's crawl rate is high, it obviously means that Google likes your site and finds it appealing. Improving your crawl rate means you're going to have better performance from your site - keep reading to learn what you need to do to boost those vital crawl rates.

Believe it or not, a slow loading page can slow the rate of return for search engine spiders. Make it a priority to reduce the load times for your site if you really want Google to pay you a visit more often. You won't have to work very hard, in general, to get those load times down a good deal. Use fewer images and graphics on your site and reduce their sizes whenever possible in order to greatly reduce the load time for your pages. Reducing the page load time for your site with common sense tactics like this can get your site a lot more attention from Google and the other major search engines. Google has a preference for quick loading pages so make sure that the majority of your pages are just that. Fill your site with pages that are short and targeted. Reduce the size of each page as much as you can. When using content management systems like WordPress avoid unnecessary widgets that might slow performance. This is not only necessary to increase the crawl rate of your site but it's also important because having bulky pages won't be appealing to your visitors. When you hire someone to design your page it's important to make your wishes known when it comes to page size and loading times.

Your title is an important tool in attracting readers as well as Google bots and should be on target and designed to appeal to your audience. With this one thing you can get more visits more often by those famous search engine spiders while also enjoying the benefits of better page rank for your site.

It might seem silly to go after uniqueness for titles but the failure to do so can bring about some pretty hefty penalties. It really is in your best interest to spend a little extra time and care on your title. Sites that are frequently updated also tend to receive more search engine traffic and crawls so keep that in mind. Increasing your overall traffic will be a simple matter once you develop a habit of following all the steps above. Once you start applying what you've learned here, you'll realize that doing this is not at all difficult.

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